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Fire Inspection News

With the first VIP inspections coming up on May 31 and the sheer number of dead trees in our area, our inspectors will be ignoring the dead trees as long as your lot is otherwise clean. There are just notContinue Reading…

CCWD work in Big Trees Village

CCWD will be doing some work in our area next month (April). They are to replace the old redwood water tanks with new metal tanks that have a higher capacity. They are replacing the tanks because of the fire hazard.Continue Reading…

Firewise Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

Come join the Hwy 4/Ebbetts Pass community to learn more about wildfire preparedness! Click on the above link to see the flyer with more information.

Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire

All of our homeowners should take a minute to see this video…especially considering how close fire came to us last summer. Click on the title above to access the active link. <>