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Big Trees Village Map and Contact Information

So, many people have come into the office looking for a map of the roads in Big Trees Village.  While it’s probably not perfect, here is a link to the best map we could find (to date).  

Tree Mortality Meeting will be broadcast locally

The Town Hall Meeting concerning tree mortality which was held on August 13, 2016 will be shown on Comcast Channel 7 as follows: Friday August 19: 1pm Saturday August 20: 3:30 pm Sunday August 21: 8pm Thursday August 25: 2:30pmContinue Reading…

Like Us On Facebook

Perhaps you have a Facebook Account.  If so, please like us on Facebook.  We update Facebook often with what is happening here at the BTVPOA Rec Center.  You’ll see current photos and videos, and now we have a link toContinue Reading…

Tree and Debris Contractors

We’ve been getting a lot of phone calls about cutting trees and clearing debris. While most all contractors are busy now, it can’t hurt to call one anyway. Here is a link to our most current list of contractors; however,Continue Reading…