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Seeking Winter Activities Ideas

Is there an interest in our community for Winter Activities? If so, I need names! Please send us an email at if you have ideas, especially days and times, in mind. We can meet in the Rec Center OfficeContinue Reading…

Seniors and Disabled Persons Defensible Space Program

Calaveras Foothills Fire Safe Council has a website, information, and an application for lot clearing assistance for Seniors and/or Disabled Persons. This is the work they can do: Have heavy brush growing around your home and need assistance clearing brushContinue Reading…

Big Trees Village Map and Contact Information

So, many people have come into the office looking for a map of the roads in Big Trees Village.  While it’s probably not perfect, here is a link to the best map we could find (to date).  

Like Us On Facebook

Perhaps you have a Facebook Account.  If so, please like us on Facebook.  We update Facebook often with what is happening here at the BTVPOA Rec Center.  You’ll see current photos and videos, and now we have a link toContinue Reading…