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Snowshoe Springs Online Rec Center Application

BTV Rec Center Membership Application for Property Owners in Snowshoe Springs Only

Snowshoe Springs owns property within the Big Trees Village Subdivision.
This allows SSS property owners in good standing to pay for entry into the
Recreation Center of Big Trees Village.  SSS members do not have any
voting rights within the BTV Property Owners Association, but may use
the Rec Center Facilities if they adhere to the rules and regulations of the

Please complete this application & submit your payment. To ensure our records are up-to-date, please complete the information below, even if there are no changes from last year. Note: You may also contact us for a printable version of the membership application and mail it with a check, or click here.

Property Owner(s):
First & Last names(s) (Include spouse):

Property Co-owner(s):
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Please list family members who will be using the Recreation Center:

Property Information:
Local Street Address:
SSS Unit #: SSS Lot#:

Owner Contact Information:
Permanent Mailing Address:
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Home Phone:
Local Phone:
Email Address:

The Big Trees Village Recreation Center is for private use of its members only. By submitting this membership application, as a member of this Association, I hereby agree to abide by all Membership Rules and Recreation Center Use Rules. No Big Trees Village, Snowshoe Springs, Camp Connell or Dorrington property owner, or their renters, may utilize the guest privilege of another Big Trees Village, Snowshoe Springs, Camp Connell or Dorrington property owner. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Please type your full name here:

When you submit this form, you will be redirected to a PayPal payment page where you will be able to choose your options and submit payment. Please note that your Membership Application will not be processed without payment.

If you are not automatically redirected to the payment page, please click here to select your options and make your payment online.