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More PG&E Tree Work Being Done in

PG&E has been working in our area trimming and falling trees around our power lines. PG&E has used the services of ACRT as a subcontractor through PG&E’s Vegetation Management Program. ACRT was hired to trim, cut and remove trees. ACRT is one of the largest independent utility management consulting company in the U.S. Their goal has been to help utilities and cooperatives proactively manage vegetation across their rights of way to better provide safe and reliable service to customers. As we know this has been a difficult process.

PG&E in response to the growing risk of wildfire in our area, has expanded and accelerated their vegetation and safety management program in Calaveras County. Their focus in our area, is designated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) who feels our area is facing the greatest threat of wildfire. Because of this the clearances for power lines has now been changed. It is now 12 fit between power lines and trees, including any overhanging branches and limbs and all underbrush including small trees will be removed.

PG&E has recently contracted two other subcontractors to assist them with this project Phillips & Jordan and UPE Resources, Inc. They are in the process of marking many more trees under and around the power lines for removal or to be pruned. This is through PG&E’s Wildfire Safety Work and Vegetation Management Program.

If your trees are marked, it is my understanding, that within 7-10 days, the trees will be cut or trimmed, and all wood debris will be removed within one week after completion. This is happening very quickly. If you have concerns regarding your trees. I recommend that all owners take some time to come up to you home and view your power line areas and talk directly with the inspectors if possible.

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