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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch Mission Statement:

An active Neighborhood Watch Organization will:

Discourage criminals – In some cases, the presence of a Neighborhood Watch organization (with signs and window decals) is enough to deter potential burglars from stealing from nearby homes.  Most burglars take advantage of opportunities where they are able to act undetected.  By having a watch program, a burglar will have less of a chance to steal from a home without getting caught and may be less likely to attempt a burglary. 

Protect your home – Besides helping to monitor your neighborhood for burglars, you are also helping decrease accidental/natural damage to your home by detecting problems such as broken water pipes, fallen trees, and animal activity. 

Promote a greater sense of community – Being a part of a Neighborhood Watch organization is a great way to get to know your neighbors through meetings and social events. 

Bring about better communication with local law enforcement agencies ­– Having a Neighborhood Watch program can be the eyes and ears of our local sheriff.  Two-way communication will help make each party aware of what may be happening in your neighborhood.