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Some Big Trees Village property owners have reported receiving lot inspection notices from the CALFIRE station in Arnold. Any questions or concerns should be handled directly with them, because the BTVPOA is not responsible for or coordinating CALFIRE’s inspection program.
It is our understanding that CALFIRE has recently determined that lots in our area need to be as clean as possible throughout the year, given that “fire season” no longer seems to have a season, and wildland fires can break out at any time. This is why they conducted some inspections in September. They may continue with inspections as their time allows.
The BTVPOA conducts its own lot inspections program in late spring/early summer, using teams of volunteers. We recognize that CALFIRE does not have the resources to adequately check each of the approximately 1,600 improved properties in our subdivision, and that a thorough lot cleaning at least annually after the hard winter months by each property owner is essential to help safeguard homes, the community, and the forest. If a lot appears not to have been cleaned by the time it is inspected by one of our volunteers, a reminder letter from the BTVPOA is sent to the property owner respectfully requesting that the lot be cleaned as soon as possible. Lots which we know are going to be cleaned by contractors are not inspected. We only refer those lots to CALFIRE which seem to be left uncleared in multiple years.
To contact CALFIRE in Arnold: 209-795-1542.